Business FAQs

Striving to augment the success of our member businesses and industries by fulfilling power needs reliably, inexpensively and personally.

We've committed ourselves to being more than just an electric provider to our business and industrial members.

Sure, we will take care of new business by quickly implementing new electric service - whether that means just attaching a business to existing service lines or working with an industry to expand our system to meet requirements.

But we also work hard to make your power consumption as efficient as possible. We already have one of the lowest rate structures in the country, but we also have a number of special incentive programs that tailor to the specific needs of particular businesses and industries.

We have key accounts coordinators assigned to three geographic divisions of our system who are there to answer personally your questions and work as your liaison to make electric power work for you.

  • What energy-related services does MTEMC offer to business members?

    • Through our Comprehensive Services Program, Middle Tennessee Electric offers technical support to help businesses and industries operate more energy efficiently.

  • How is my rate determined?

    • In most cases rate is determined by actual use. Your bill may be calculated on energy (kWh), demand (kW), or both.

  • What is demand?

    • The demand charge is part of the commercial and industrial rate structure for services other than residential. Demand is read at the meter and is measured in kilowatts (kW). Depending on rate class, a business member may or may not have a demand charge.

  • How is my demand charge determined?

    • Your monthly demand charge is the higher of the following calculations:

      • metered demand at 100%

      • kVa at 85%

      • contract demand at 30%

      • 12-month high demand at 30%

  • If I have more than one account, can my bills be consolidated?

    • If your accounts are in the same billing cycle, it is possible your bills can be consolidated. Call 1-877-777-9020 to find out more.

  • When is my bill due?

    • Your bill is due 17 days after the Invoice Date. Due Date and Invoice Date are located at top left on your bill.

  • Does MTEMC offer rate incentives for new business, expanding business and for going all-electric?

    • Yes, contact your Key Accounts Coordinator to find out what rate products or incentives your business may qualify for.

  • Am I paying the correct sales tax?

    • In Tennessee, commercial and industrial customers pay 7 percent sales tax on electric bills. For qualified manufacturers however, that rate may be reduced to 1½ percent.

  • What number should I call to report an outage?

    • 1-877-777-9111

  • What number should I call for member service?

    • 1-877-777-9020