Heat Pump Loan Program

Stay comfortable despite the outside temperature

The HVAC system (heating and cooling) is by far the largest energy user in most homes. Choosing a heating and air conditioning unit for your home will have a budget impact for years to come, not only in initial investment and maintenance but monthly energy costs.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends homeowners replace their heating and cooling system every 10 to 15 years. MTE has partnered with TVA to bring you special financing on your unit’s upgrade or replacement. You’ll get significantly higher efficiency resulting in reduced energy consumption.

MTE can help you finance a new heat pump at a competitive rate. The loan can have up to a 10-year term with no penalty for early payoff. Payments are added to your monthly electric bill. To qualify for MTE's Heat Pump Program, applicants must be the owner of the home and property where the heat pump is to be located and pass an independent credit review.

We’ll lend you a hand if you’re ready to move forward with your HVAC project. Start the loan process today by learning more when you contact our Energy Services team or contact a business from TVA’s Quality Contractor Network.

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