Affordable electricity is our mission

As a not-for-profit organization, Middle Tennessee Electric strives to keep our rates as low as possible for our members. As a result, MTE’s residential rates rank among the lowest in the nation - more than 25% below the national average.

Approximately 80 cents of every dollar received through member bill payments go directly to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to purchase power, meaning the cooperative operates on just 20 cents of every dollar. 

In addition to maintaining the low rates, MTE aims to provide value to members by offering convenient options for billing and programs to increase energy efficiency. With MTE's new myEnergyPlan program, options like Levelized Billing, Fixed Budget Billing, Prepay, the Pick A Due Date program and more are designed to fit any lifestyle and budget. In addition, members can find helpful tips to reduce energy costs at mte.com/EnergyTips and schedule a free Home Energy Checkup at mte.com/HomeEnergyCheckups.


TVA's Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA)

Rates vary month to month due to fluctuations in TVA's  Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA). TVA uses the FCA to help manage fluctuations in the costs of fuels it uses to generate electricity, and those costs are passed on to all local power companies, like MTE, each month. MTE has no control over the TVA’s FCA, and every penny collected for the FCA goes directly to TVA.

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Supplemental Residential Rate

At Middle Tennessee Electric, our mission is to provide affordable, reliable, safe electricity and outstanding member service. One way we're fulfilling a mission cornerstone — affordability — is helping our members save on their energy costs.

Effective April 1, 2023, MTE launched a new Supplemental Residential Rate for members who have secondary meters at the same location as a residence.

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MTE/MED Rate Transition Plan

When Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) and the Murfreesboro Electric Department (MED) merged in 2020, our regulator, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), stipulated that our two rate structures be exactly the same within five years. Although MTE’s and MED’s average monthly bills were virtually identical, the way we packaged rates differed.

Beginning April 2023, MTE took the first of three small steps to align these rates.

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