Tree Replacement Program

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A replacement tree may be provided free of charge on qualifying yard trees removed to improve the safety and reliability of MTE’s power system. If a replacement is granted, MTE recommends the following trees for replacement of such removals. They are all proven performers for our area. When properly planted, they will not interfere with the power lines. Other trees may also be appropriate replacement trees. Call an MTE Vegetation Management Specialist at your local area office for more information or for planting advice.

There are many benefits that come with having trees on your property - shade, beauty, windbreak, privacy, cleaner air, less noise, less glare, and higher property values to name a few. But the key to these benefits is to select the right tree and plant it in the right place. The right tree in the right place not only ensures a lifetime of satisfaction, but it also keeps maintenance costs low.

Learn more about where to plant your tree.

Our vegetation management team has curated a list of the trees we recommend to plant on your property near the ROW. Take a look at our recommendations and contact us if you have any questions.

View recommended list of trees

Keeping trees and plants away from electrical transformers is critical in order to allow line workers safe access to equipment during an outage. Roots from vegetation can interfere with underground electrical lines and cause outages when they grow to their mature size. Plant outside the No-Grow Zone to help prevent outages and keep our crews safe.

Find out planting restrictions in the ROW

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