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Save money for high consumption businesses

Large load consumers, or key accounts (KA), are recognized at MTE as businesses using more than 300 kW or those with a transformer size of 500 KVA or greater. Through our Key Accounts program, we offer commercial and industrial large-load businesses a one-on-one relationship with a trained key account coordinator to better serve their specific needs. 

This ensures inquiries and requests are handled in an efficient, timely manner to guarantee the highest level of member service. Key Accounts Coordinators (KAC) are responsible for oversight of energy management, contracts, rates, billing, outage information and assisting with load and maintenance changes deemed necessary by the cooperative or the member.

Energy information at your fingertips

MTE and TVA have partnered to create a new online portal to provide business and industry co-op members access to energy management resources and tools. 

With no cost for registration, businesses can access information and tips using the password-protected online portal.

When you create your account, you'll be prompted for information to help the site create a more personalized experience. This allows us to provide you access to convenient energy management tools, data, and resource learning opportunities.

Besides allowing members to access energy management advice and guides, the site will give users access to Energy Star Portfolio management, contractor and project proposal tools, member success stories, and an additional way to contact your KAC. 

The new online portal is expected to go live during the summertime. For more information, reach out to your Key Accounts Coordinator.


Stay updated on programs to help your business

Every quarter we put together a brief newsletter to keep you informed about new products, services, and information available to our large demand consumers. Our key account coordinators compile this information with you in mind. If you haven't received it and want to be on our mailing list, please subscribe using your email address below.

Comprehensive Service programs provide special services to our industrial and commercial members. These services include energy audits, power quality studies, compressed air studies, infrared testing, metering, load profiles, lighting audits, and billing analysis.

The Energy Right Solutions program provides an opportunity for businesses to receive incentives and possibly offset the investment costs of new energy projects at their facilities. Contact a Key Accounts Coordinator to find out more about qualifications, specifics, and project types.

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MTE is committed to helping our communities with more than affordable, reliable, and safe electricity. We're here to make their lives better by helping businesses come to our service territory. Good job growth forecasts and economic development improve the lives of our members and the communities we serve by providing a healthy business environment. In turn, this brings economic prosperity and opportunities to the area.

Our partnership with TVA gives our commercial and industrial members access to many beneficial economic incentive programs. Our KACs work with new and existing businesses to determine which programs can provide potential credits based on job creation and capital investments.

Learn more about our economic development programs and potential opportunities for your business by contacting your local Key Account Coordinator or checking out our partner site

Key Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help all our members. Our Contact Center is prepared to answer most questions for residential and business members. If they can’t answer your question, they can find the right person to handle your situation. Give them a call at 877-777-9020 or fill out our contact form online.

Key accounts (KA), are recognized at MTE as businesses using more than 300 kW or those with a transformer size of 500 KVA or greater. Through our Key Accounts program, we offer commercial and industrial large-load businesses with a one-on-one relationship to better serve their specific needs.

Through our Comprehensive Services Program, MTE offers technical support to help businesses and industries operate with more energy efficiency. How is my rate determined?

In most cases, the rate is determined by actual use. Your bill may be calculated on energy (kWh), demand (kW), or both.

MTE currently offers several options regarding rate schedules. KAC can perform an analysis of your business operations and energy usage to identify the most cost-effective rate for your business. You can view our current rates at

For key accounts that meet certain criteria, we offer additional rate options:

  • General Manufacturing Credit (GMC)
    • This credit provides significant power cost savings to qualifying manufacturers, which in turn helps retain manufacturing load in the Tennessee Valley. A strong manufacturing base helps keep TVA rates low for all members.
  • Time of Use (TOU)
    • These rates are used by businesses that meet specific criteria. Your KAC identifies potential businesses that would benefit from switching to TOU. This rate solution helps businesses have the information to assist them in making educated decisions on production times and shifts. You can learn more about TOU by contacting your KAC.

The demand charge is part of the commercial and industrial rate structure for services other than residential. Demand is read at the meter and is measured in kilowatts (kW). Depending on the rate class, a business member may or may not have a demand charge.

Monthly demand charge is the higher of the following calculations:

  • Highest 30-minute average metered demand at 100%
  • kVa at 85%
  • Contract demand at 30%
  • 12-month high demand at 30%

If your accounts are in the same billing cycle, it is possible your bills can be consolidated. Call your Key Account Coordinator to find out more.

Your bill is due 17 days after the Invoice Date. Due Date and Invoice Date are located at the top left on your bill.

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Yes, contact your Key Accounts Coordinator to determine if your business qualifies for incentives or different rates.

In Tennessee, commercial and industrial customers pay a 7% sales tax on electric bills. For qualified manufacturers, the sales tax rate may be reduced to 1.5%.

You can participate by reaching out to your Key Account Coordinator to find out which programs you qualify. Your KAC will work with MTE renewable experts and TVA to determine which programs will work best for your business.

If you're interested in renewables for your business, you could also participate in green energy at home. Our distributed energy team can give you the latest information for non-business accounts.

MTE Renewables

If you’re a qualifying key account, your KAC will have reached out to you to provide a specific number. If you’re unable to reach your KAC, you can call our automated outage line at 1-877-777-9111.

If you’re a qualifying key account, your KAC will have reached out to you to provide a specific number. If you’re unable to reach your KAC, give our member support team a call at 877-777-9020. We're available 24/7 to help direct your call to the right person in the event you need immediate assistance.

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