The Electric Griddle

Serving more than just energy to our community

The Electric Griddle by MTE is a mobile food trailer designed to serve grilled cheese sandwiches and provide an opportunity to engage families in their regular activities.

Our presence at community events like football tailgates and food festivals allows us to have one-on-one conversations about new programs and initiatives while gaining vital feedback about members’ needs.

The first event was last July. Since then, the Electric Griddle has been to more than 10 events and served grilled cheese sandwiches to about 2,000 members. The sandwiches are delicious, but the contact we have with MTE members is the best part.

Our positive interactions with members create opportunities to discuss cooperative programs like the myMTEMC mobile app. It also opens the door for members to ask questions and offer suggestions. In fact, this idea came from a member’s suggestion in the Co-op Community Forum, an online forum where MTE members provide feedback and discuss a variety of topics.

The Electric Griddle is manned by MTE employees who volunteer their time. They are usually residents of the community we are engaging. Many times, members see a neighbor, friend, or relative behind the grill. This brings our communities even closer together. Just consider it another form of social media, because these conversations are genuine and beneficial to the member and MTE. If you see us in your community, please stop by, grab a free sandwich, and learn more about the programs your electric cooperative offers.

To learn more about the Electric Griddle or to provide feedback about your experience with the Electric Griddle, give us a call or send our community relations coordinator an email.

Community Relations Coordinator