Extracurricular Programs

Life-changing experiences where you least expect them

Providing fun and engaging educational activities to our members and their students is one of the great benefits MTE offers. We believe in teaching our communities about a variety of topics electricity, renewable energy, and what it means to be part of a democracy. Our extracurricular programs are designed to engage with students through active and creative participation in outside of classroom settings. From the Washington Youth Tour to our 4-H electric projects, we’re committed to providing outstanding experiences in every program we offer.

Curious about what kind of programs we offer? Check out the current list of extracurricular programs available to our members and their students.


At MTE, we don’t just serve houses, we serve families. High school juniors are encouraged to write an original paper about rural electric cooperatives with winners awarded an inclusive paid trip to Washington, D.C.

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High school juniors are recommended by their school counselor based on leadership qualities and community activities to learn more about state legislature by attending an all-expense paid, three-day conference in Nashville.

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Students are selected based on participation in 4-H electric demonstrations to attend the camp at UT - Knoxville to learn about electricity and electrical safety. Approximately 225 students from across the state participate in a four-day camp held on the University of Tennessee's Knoxville campus. The camp was started in 1992 as a joint effort by Tennessee's 23 rural electric cooperatives and the UT Agricultural Extension Service. Camp agenda includes hands-on learning centers, safety demonstrations, trips to Dollywood, a tour of the UT-Knoxville campus, computer centers, swimming and other camp-related activities. Participants typically build one or more projects such as an extension cord or lamp to take home. Along with the learning center activities, students will also go to Dollywood and engage in other recreational activities.

Who gets to go? 6th & 7th grade students

When does it happen? June

When is the deadline to enter?

How do I enter to win? Middle Tennessee Electric sponsors two students per district from our four-district service area, based on participation in 4-H electric demonstrations. Individual applications must be received by the advertised date each year.

Who pays for it? All expenses are paid for by Middle Tennessee Electric, Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association, and UT Agricultural Extension Service

Students participate in local 4-H electric contests sponsored by the cooperative and give a demonstration about some phase of electrical use in the home.

Who participates? Students in grades 4 – 12

When does it happen? During the Fall 4-H Club meetings

What will I have to do? Students participate in local 4-H electric contests sponsored by the cooperative and give a demonstration about some phase of electrical use in the home.

How do I win? County contests are held in each district to name county winners. If you win in your county, you’re eligible to participate in the district, state and national 4-H Electric Project competitions.

Who sponsors the project? Middle Tennessee Electric

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