Home Energy Checkups

Personalized efficiency checkup to help you save energy.

As your trusted advisor, MTE is here to help you save money on your monthly bill while maintaining a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Your energy habits and home condition are the primary indicators of how much energy you consume. Our free Home Energy Checkups can help you reduce your energy consumption and ultimately your monthly bill.

Our Energy Services team performs these checkups for our members at no additional cost. It’s just one of the benefits you get as an MTE member. Our professional Energy Service Coordinators come to your home at the scheduled time and provide you a list of ways to improve your home’s efficiency within an hour. When they leave your home, you’ll have the following Home Energy Checkup items to help you reduce energy consumption:

  • Attic Insulation Evaluation
  • Duct Work Conditions and Air Flow Balancing Review
  • General Air Leak and Weatherization Recommendations
  • Air Conditioning and Heating Unit Recommendations
  • Energy Habit Recommendations

Contact our Energy Services team to schedule a Home Energy Checkup today.

Energy Service Coordinators

Rutherford & Cannon
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David Willhite


Murfreesboro City

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Katie McKee



Mark Kendrick


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Phillip Price