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 Service to make life better.

For more than 80 years, MTE has helped provide light, comfort, and connection to communities we serve. Started by farmers in 1936, we've grown to provide outstanding member service to Cannon, Rutherford, Williamson, and Wilson counties with affordable, reliable, safe electricity.

As your trusted energy advisor, we're here to help and provide you with opportunities to take control of your electrical usage and navigate the energy landscape.

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Helping businesses serve our members.

MTE powers thousands of businesses — large and small. These businesses provide jobs and services to make life better for our members. We're proud to support them with affordable and reliable electricity. In addition to providing energy, we've also developed some programs to help our business members.

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Here to solve your problems

Sometimes problems occur despite every preventative action. When they happen, we're here to help you find a solution. Our member support team is prepared to assist you with any account management or service concerns you may experience.

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Take control of your energy habits

MTE is the trusted energy advisor and provider to thousands of members. We're here to help you find solutions to your questions about energy efficiency, distributed energy resources, renewables, and so much more.

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Customized billing options are offered to fit your lifestyle.

MTE always seeks to improve the member experience. This is why several convenient billing options are offered to fit your lifestyle or financial situation. These billing options are available for most budgets, are easy to understand and easy to use.

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As your trusted advisor, MTE is here to help you save money on your monthly bill while maintaining a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Your energy habits and home condition are the primary indicators of how much energy you consume. Our free Home Energy Checkups can help you reduce your energy consumption and ultimately your monthly bill.

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Creating harmony between the environment and the electric grid

Keeping trees, plants, and vegetation away from the electric system is critical in order to allow line workers safe access to equipment during an outage. If you have questions about tree pruning or tree replacement in zones close to electrical facilities or power lines, MTE has trained professionals to help you called Vegetation Management Specialists. They are certified arborists familiar with a wide variety of tree species and proper pruning practices and coordinate actual tree-pruning efforts performed by contractors hired throughout the MTE service area.  Most importantly, they're here to serve members with information and explanations about our vegetation management program. To contact them, call (877) 414-7685, e-mail, or contact using the form.

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MTE is committed to helping our members.

For decades, MTE has helped members by providing electricity to power opportunities in their daily lives. As one of the largest not-for-profit electric distribution cooperatives in the country, MTE has built programs and options designed to assist members who need them. If you have questions about any of the unique programs or options below, feel free to contact our member support team or stop at a local office.

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