Levelized Billing is calculated by taking an average of the previous 12 months of electricity billing. Bills then adjust every month but are always based on the preceding 12-month average, which allows members to have a more consistently priced bill even during high-energy-consumption seasons. By reducing the variation in monthly bills, members can more accurately budget each month. This is perfect for members who want to smooth out the peaks and valleys in billing. The option does fluctuate slightly each month to account for energy consumption.

Levelized Billing is only available for residential members. To learn more or find out if you qualify, contact MTE at 877-777-9020, through a local area office, or our contact form.

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MTE is committed to helping our members. For decades, MTE has helped members by providing electricity to power opportun

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MoneyGram is a money transfer/bill payment service that is available at multiple retail locations in MTE’s service territory. Paying your bill through MoneyGram is as simple as filling out a form and submitting it along with your cash payment to the cashier. The payment will apply to your MTE account almost instantly. Be sure to request MoneyGram services by name

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Any member of Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTE) is bound by and agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth in MTE’s Bylaws and its Schedule of Rules and Regulations, both of which may be found on MTE’s website.