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Energy Efficiency

Cold weather energy efficiency tips to save you money

There’s a lot to enjoy about the winter months: holidays, sweater weather, and, if you’re lucky, maybe even a little snow. But when family and friends huddle indoors to stay warm, the electric bill can climb uncomfortably high. Staying warm doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you plan ahead and stay aware. Keep these easy tips in mind this winter and see just how much you save on your electric bill each month.

Energy Efficiency

Cold Weather Tips

Don’t let high bills catch you off guard this winter.  Plan ahead for season bill changes. During the winter months, M

Energy Efficiency

Don’t let the dog days run loose with your electric bill

Now that warm weather has made its way to Middle Tennessee, it might seem impossible to keep your home cool enough witho

Energy Efficiency

Heat Pumps & Outside Weather

It’s cold outside! This means your heating and air conditioner works harder and uses more electricity to keep you warm and comfortable. Let us explain why your energy use rises when the temperature outside goes down. Your heating and air conditioner — called an HVAC system — uses forty to sixty percent of your monthly electricity. This means your electric bill can go up depending on how hot or cold the outside temperate was.

Energy Efficiency

Common Cold Weather Energy Efficiency Myths

Don't fall for these common efficiency myths that can use more energy and cost you extra money on your energy bill.

Energy Efficiency

Stop high winter bills cold

Winter can present challenges when you’re trying to save on your energy costs. The extreme cold can drive up your energy use — and your bills.