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Home Energy Checkup

Home Energy Checkup

Don’t let high bills catch you off guard this winter. 

Plan ahead for season bill changes.

During the winter months, MTE members will notice an increase in their electric bills. Knowing that winter weather is on the horizon, we encourage you to plan ahead, adjust your daily habits, and take steps to increase your home’s energy efficiency. With the sun setting earlier in the day and the arrival of colder temperatures comes an increase in heating costs and electricity usage. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of simple steps that your household can take to stay warm while managing your energy consumption and expense:  

Consider changing your billing method based on your lifestyle.

MTE offers multiple billing options to choose from including fixed budget billing, variable budget billing, prepay, and traditional. To learn more about each of our billing options, check out

Utilize the myMTE app.

The myMTE app has a suite full of useful tools, including one that shows the hours your household uses the most energy. Compare those with the temperature outside to get a better view of how much extra electricity you use when it gets cold. This information can help you save time and money. You can download or sign up for myMTE using your account number. For additional help signing up, contact Member Services.

Be smart with your thermostat.

Turn your thermostat down to 68 degrees when you are home. Each degree above 68 can add up to 3% to your heating costs. Turn your thermostat down 3 or 4 degrees when you leave or when you sleep. Gradually heat up your home 1 degree at a time. The auxiliary heat will turn on if the thermostat is turned up more than 2 degrees, which drives up cost. For more questions about efficiency, contact the energy service coordinator in your area.

How Heat Pumps Work & Why Cold Weather Increases Your Energy Use

Cold Weather Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Common Cold Weather Energy Efficiency Myths

Don't fall for these common efficiency myths that can use more energy and cost you extra money on your energy bill.

Energy Efficiency

Stop High Winter Bills Cold

Winter can present challenges when you’re trying to save on your energy costs. The extreme cold can drive up your energy use — and your bills. Reduce the impact of winter weather by changing your energy habits and checking out some of our energy-saving programs.

Energy Efficiency

Cold weather energy efficiency tips to save you money

There’s a lot to enjoy about the winter months: holidays, sweater weather, and, if you’re lucky, maybe even a little snow. But when family and friends huddle indoors to stay warm, the electric bill can climb uncomfortably high. Staying warm doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you plan ahead and stay aware.

Personalized Advice

Questions about a high bill?

Energy Service Coordinators

We want to be your trusted advisor, continually offering tips and advice on how to get the most out of your electricity while also saving some money. Your local energy service coordinators are here to help. From webinars to in-home energy evaluations, they're here to help you reduce your energy usage.

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