Get trusted solar advice from your local electrical cooperative

MTE is offering a free solar consultation service due to the rising number of members investing in solar energy installations. With a simple phone call, members can talk to our in-house solar expert to discuss what to look for before they buy.

Investing in solar is a long-term commitment. Before you sign a contract, contact our distributed energy resources coordinator to learn about:

  • Where to install the solar panels
  • Who can help you build the best system for your needs
  • How to review solar installation proposals
  • What to look for during the installation process
  • What to expect as a solar energy installation owner

In addition to helping you decide if solar is right for you and where to install it, MTE's solar experts can provide you an electrical production estimate. This basic production and savings report uses PV Watts — an estimation software developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The consultation and production estimate can be completed from the comfort of your home over the phone or email.

Before you buy solar, talk to MTE's solar experts to find out if solar is right for you.

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Talk to an expert in solar. Find the right thing for you. 

We’ve got solar expertise on staff. Before joining MTE, Tim Suddoth spent over 6 years in the Solar Industry learning the ins and outs of sales, design estimating, permitting, commissioning, and installing solar systems. He holds certifications from NABCEP — the North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners — the gold standard for solar. If you have any questions, Tim is available to talk to at no charge.