Don’t let the dog days run loose with your electric bill

Now that warm weather has made its way to Middle Tennessee, it might seem impossible to keep your home cool enough without paying a big price. MTE is here to provide you with ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and help save on summertime energy bills. Check out these tips to help you get through the dog days of summer.

  1. Optimize your thermostat setting. Raising the inside temperature a bit could be less uncomfortable than a higher electric bill. The smaller the difference between the outdoor temperature and your thermostat setting, the more energy you save.
  2. When the weather is nice, use your grill. Cooking outdoors saves energy and eliminates unwanted heat indoors.
  3. Pool pumps can run up your bill. Use the filter and pump only when necessary to reduce the impact on your summer bill.
  4. Keep hot air from entering your home. Use caulk, weather stripping, and foam outlet sealers to make sure your home is properly sealed from warm air.
  5. Reduce humidity in your home. High humidity will make air feel hotter; a dehumidifier keeps your AC from working too hard and helps to lower energy costs.
  6. Use ceiling fans with your AC. Running a fan is cheaper than running your AC. The airflow creates a wind-chill effect that keeps your home more comfortable. But remember, fans cool your skin, not the room; turn off when not in use.

For more savings tips and energy efficiency advice, check out or contact your local energy services coordinator

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