Immediately contact MTEMC & stay at least 30 feet away from the downed power lines. Never touch fallen lines


Under normal conditions, underground transformers are safe to be around but it is not a good habit to play around because the transformer could have a problem that could create an unsafe condition.

Move over to the left lane if you can. If not, slow down & proceed through the work zone with caution.

If a generator is not hooked up properly by a licensee electrician, there could be a back feed on to our lines causing a dangerous situation for our electric lineman.

Stay in the car if lines are down until someone from MTEMC can verify the scene is safe. If you are in imminent danger from fire or other hazards, jump off the vehicle without contacting the vehicle and ground at the same time and shuffle your feet or hop away with both feet together. 


Only qualified employees can determine the difference between the two

Normally the underground transformer will be larger & made of metal. The telecom boxes are smaller & made of plastic or fiberglass. Both should have an identity plate showing as electric or telecom but may not be legible.