Dear members:

In all likelihood, you experienced an outage this morning, as TVA imposed upon MTE requirements to interrupt power on a rotational basis across our system.

For the first time in its history, TVA did not have sufficient capacity, so it imposed these curtailment requirements upon all 153 local power companies in the Valley. TVA reported that some of its vital generation resources were down, and they were not able to bring these resources online in time to help with the record system peak.

This was unprecedented action, and while we did our best to hold outages to 15 minutes, some of our communications networks did not respond as programmed, requiring manual restoration. That made some outages longer than intended.

MTE prides itself on power reliability, so this was a frustrating day for us, and I am sure it was for you. We are sorry for the inconveniences this created, and we will be pushing TVA to see that this is both the first and the last time rolling blackouts are required in the Valley.


Chris Jones

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