What should members expect from electric vehicles and how can MTE assist members with EVs?

MTE is fully aware of the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). We are currently in the final phase of a two-year data collection pilot program, “Smart Charge Nashville.” At the conclusion of this pilot, we should have a firm strategy when it comes to EVs. Right now, we can offer advice and knowledge to those of our membership who wonder if an EV is a good investment for them.

EV battery improvements over the past decade have helped make them more competitive in the auto industry with ranges now pushing 200+ miles, no fuel costs, and high-end technology. From experiments and oddities early in the 2000s, EVs have evolved into attractive options for those seeking low-environmental impact transport and fuel savings. While new unit sticker prices are still a little high,  this will continue to drop in the coming years to make EVs even more competitive.

Today, MTE members can expect a smooth, quiet ride, increased safety and lower maintenance costs from most electric vehicle models available in the U.S. A home charging station will likely need to be installed, but you can charge the car on a normal 110V outlet--it will just take a long time. Most EV owners install a dedicated 240V outlet to charge their car in about 4-6 hours. Many states are now installing 480V super chargers that can top off a  vehicle battery in as little as 30 minutes.


As more models of electric vehicles become available, so will the infrastructure needed to support them and the choices available to buyers.  Ford plans to release an all-electric Mustang and  F-150 pickup to its lineup. GM has announced a forthcoming all-electric Hummer, and VW has pledged to be all-electric by 2028. We are beginning to see many auto manufacturers plan their futures around EVs.

As our pilot wraps up later this year, we hope to be able to analyze the data and figure out what exactly our members want our role to be. Feedback is critical right now, so if you have an idea to share please send it to me at tim.suddoth@mtemc.com. One thing is certain: Commercially viable EVs are here, and they are the future. MTE is dedicated to providing advice and options to help our members integrate these technologically innovative vehicles into their lifestyles.

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