Construction Standards Update

MTE has updated its specifications for new development to include provisions for a conduit design to accommodate Smart Grid communications. Planning for a future that delivers fiber optic connectivity to each meter will begin November 1, 2020.

Complete construction standards are located at You can download the specific changes related to Smart Grid below:

More about Smart Grid

A Smart Grid is the foundation for the future electric grid and represents an unprecedented opportunity to improve the reliability, availability, and efficiency that will contribute to the area’s economic and environmental health for decades. The benefits of Smart Grid technology are many, particularly given the growth we continue to experience in Middle Tennessee. A few of these benefits include:

  • More efficient transmission of electricity;
  • Quicker restoration of electricity after power interruptions;
  • Improved rate stability for consumers;
  • Improved integration of distributed energy and renewable energy systems;
  • Improved grid security.

A smarter grid will add resiliency by constantly self-diagnosing the health of the electric grid and repair itself in seconds when certain types of outages occur, thus allowing automatic rerouting of electricity to minimize the scale and duration of the outage. Fiber optic cable is the backbone necessary for the type of communication that enables Smart Grid. These benefits will become a selling point to homebuyers for developers and builders.

Construction Specification Details

In an effort to minimize the impact of this change, the spare conduit previously required for primary electric has been eliminated from the revised specification. There will be additional junction boxes required adjacent to MTE’s electric boxes as well as an additional conduit to each future meter. The placement and design of these facilities were designed to minimize expenses and facilitate an efficient installation process.

Any approved plans your organization has in process with MTE will be grandfathered and will be exempt from the new specifications. Effective November 1, 2020, all plans submitted for new construction will be subject to the revised construction specifications.

We know this represents a change, but it is a necessary and critical step forward to meet the members’ expectations regarding power reliability. Please contact your area Development Engineer with any questions or concerns you have about the new specifications. MTE has already reached out to many local supply houses, and they have begun stocking the additional equipment called for in the updated specs.

Thank you for your partnership as MTE strives to deliver on its mission of affordable, reliable, safe electricity, and outstanding member service.

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