How to Plant A Bare Root Tree


Before planting your tree, it’s important to choose the right location. If you don’t have a yard, ask your apartment complex, your school or a local park for permission to plant on their property. You can also plant your new tree in a large pot temporarily, but it will need to be replanted once it outgrows the container.


  1. Keep the roots of the seedling moist and cool until the tree can be planted.
  2. Select a sunny or partly sunny location away from power lines. The mature tree should be no closer than 20 feet to a power line.
  3. Dig a hole only as deep as the seedling’s roots and twice as wide.
  4. Remove the seedling from the plastic bag and discard the paper towels.
  5. Gently hold the seedling upright as you fill the hole with soil. Pack the soil around the roots firmly but not too tightly with your hands. Don’t tamp soil down with your feet.
  6. Water the tree thoroughly and slowly.
  7. Place a ring of mulch around the tree about 2 inches deep and 3 feet in diameter. Make sure the mulch does not touch the trunk of the tree, or else it may cause insect and/or disease problems.
  8. Be sure to water your tree twice a week.
  9. Be proud of yourself for a successful planting and enjoy your tree for many years to come!

Every tree planted has a positive effect on the natural environment, so if we all work together, we can make a significant difference. That's MTE's goal — a better environment through teamwork. For more information about planting trees, visit

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