As trusted partners of Middle Tennessee Electric, we want to thank our builders, contractors, vendors, and other businesses for our strong working relationship and provide you with an update on our supply chain status and material inventory.

Many of you may be experiencing supply chain issues related to COVID-19 and, like you, we have also been impacted. Below are some important updates concerning our current inventory as well as our delivery expectations and availability; these may impact our workflow and yours.

We are seeing delays in material production and delivery over a wide variety of materials that we use to construct our electrical system. Because of this, Middle Tennessee Electric has increased our order points and inventory to cover a longer-term supply than normal.

Please be assured that Middle Tennessee Electric is making every effort to maintain materials and inventory to keep all projects on schedule. We remain in constant contact with our suppliers to request information about expected orders. We understand that delays of this nature can impact your construction schedule as developers, contractors, and engineers.

Furthermore, because we share your concerns about maintaining target dates for completing projects, Middle Tennessee Electric has reached out to a number of additional material suppliers to service our needs and keep your construction projects moving.

We would also like to remind you that there are additional utility-specified materials (meter bases, transformer pads, communications boxes, etc.) that you may be providing and installing to complete your existing projects. Knowing that these can also be in short supply, we strongly encourage you to plan for purchasing these materials in anticipation of a much longer lead time than normal. Attached, you will find a list of supply houses that currently stock many of the specified materials that are needed for new service projects.

The key will be to plan ahead and keep in touch with these supply houses to ensure that your projects can be completed on time.

Thank you again for being a trusted partner of Middle Tennessee Electric; and thanks in advance for your understanding and patience should there be any small delays in the future.

Working together, we’ll meet this challenge and keep our projects moving forward.