myMTEMC allows our members to receive notifications about their account information, service issues, and more. One great feature members can use is text alerts. These alerts are used to update you when an outage happens,  on outage restoration, and when your power has been restored. Here are the steps to set up text alerts on your myMTEMC account: 

  1. To sign up for myMTEMC text alerts, members need to register their account through the myMTEMC Web Portal in the top right corner of or download the myMTEMC Mobile App. 

  1. Once you've registered your account, select “Manage Contacts” from the main menu of myMTEMC Web Portal. 

  1. On the Manage Contact Screen, select “+ Add Phone Contact.” 

  1. The screen will open up, and you will supply a mobile phone number.  You should not request to be placed on the "Do Not Call" list, or you won't receive text or automated calls on that number.  You will need to check the box that says “Receive Text Messages" before selecting “Continue." 

  1. The Terms and Conditions will be displayed. You will need to read this  and select “Agree.” 

  1. You will receive a verification code by text to the number they provided.  You'll need to type that code into the "Phone Verification Code" box and then select “Save Contact.” You can set up multiple numbers to receive texts. 

  1. Under “Notifications,” select “Manage Notifications.”  

  1. On the Manage Notifications screen, select the “Service” section. 

  1. Mark the type of notifications to receive text messages. The only option available at this time is to receive outage text messages. 

  1. At this time, only “Power Outage” and “Power Outage Restored” are available. You will need to select the number or numbers that you want to receive a notification. When finished, select “Save Settings.”