Variable Budget Billing is calculated by taking an average of the previous 12 months of electricity billing. Bills then adjust every month but always based on the preceding 12-month average, which allows members to have a more consistently priced bill even during high-energy-consumption seasons. By reducing the variation in monthly bills, members can more accurately budget each month. This is perfect for members who want to smooth out the peaks and valleys in billing. The option does fluctuate slightly each month to account for energy consumption.

Variable Budget Billing is only available for residential members. To learn more or find out if you qualify, contact MTE at 877-777-9020, through a local area office, or our contact form.

Other Member Service Information

Member Service


Using this option, you'll add money to your account before you the electricity is consumed, and we'll calculate your usage each day and deduct your consumption from your account's balance. This option is great for those who want to pay for their electricity as they go or avoid paying a deposit when establishing membership.

Member Service

Weatherization Assistance

MTE directs members to local community action agencies for the Weatherization Assistance Program, a federal program for making homes more energy efficient. Members who qualify, according to eligibility requirements, may receive financial assistance to weatherize their homes.

Member Service

Life Support Program

Members dependent on life-support equipment in their homes are given special consideration by MTE.  To be granted this special attention, members are required to complete a form, which includes the verification of a doctor.