Who We Are

Our brand is our promise.

Founded in 1936, Middle Tennessee Electric has grown and changed to meet its members' needs and accomplish its mission of providing affordable, reliable, safe electricity and outstanding member service.

The cooperative’s brand signifies the organization’s on-going evolution while underscoring MTE’s commitment to be the trusted energy resource and partner its members have always known.

While the brand started with the cooperative’s founding, it has been tweaked to stay current over the years, moving from simple distribution of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) power in its early days to now representing the second largest electric co-op in the United States. MTE promoted all-electric homes when power supply was plentiful in the 1950s and ’60s. During the 1970s, the company began to emphasize how to use electricity wisely to reduce power bills.

The growth and evolution Middle Tennessee Electric has undergone since its founding is because MTE continues to strive to respond to the needs of its membership and focus on where their future energy needs are headed.

MTE new logo

Since 2000, MTE has concentrated on building out its infrastructure and adding service offerings to meet the area’s rapid residential, commercial and industrial growth as Middle Tennessee's population continues to surge. That service approach continues today and has expanded to include renewable energy sources as member demand has risen.

Our brand reflects the cooperative’s continuing evolution and honors the 80+ year history while representing its present mission and looking forward to future service offerings and initiatives.

Our tagline – “Energy. Service. Life.” – expresses Middle Tennessee Electric’s purpose of serving to make life better for our members.

Today, our members have access to a variety of programs and innovative services including solar power offerings, remote energy monitoring capabilities and expert energy efficiency advice. We continue to support community development, education, broadband access, and job creation. This isn’t just a logo, this branding reflects all of MTE’s services. Our brand shows not only our ability to deliver safe, reliable, affordable electric power and outstanding member service, but also our teams’ commitment to individuals, families, and communities we serve. Our brand is our promise to our members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our new logo symbolizes the modern cooperative Middle Tennessee Electric has become. MTE has grown substantially over the past few years, most significantly through coming together with Murfreesboro Electric Department in 2020. This was an appropriate time to ensure our brands merged to reflect our growing organization.

No, Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation is still our legal entity name. However, our members and communities more commonly refer to us as Middle Tennessee Electric. Our brand now better reflects this and allows us to be the same hard-working local cooperative you’ve come to know.

In the past 80+ years, MTE has only had three logos. We have planned for this to be a lasting design for many years to come and it has been in development for the past few years.

The updated logo reflects the company’s continuing evolution to meet the needs of its members since its founding in 1936 and is meant to honor the 84-year history of the electric cooperative while representing its present mission and looking forward to future service initiatives.

The new tagline – “Energy. Service. Life.” – expresses  Middle Tennessee Electric’s core mission, “We serve to make the lives of our members better.” It is meant to symbolize MTE’s integration into the lives of its members. 

The cost of rebranding has no impact on electric rates (which are monitored by TVA) and is a tiny fraction of our cooperative’s budget.