Update Your Contact Information

When severe weather arrives, can MTE and emergency services contact you?

It is important to plan for unavoidable emergencies. One way you can prepare is by keeping your contact information up-to-date so that we can alert you about potential outages or safety issues due. Members are encouraged to sign up for alerts from their local emergency management agencies. In times of crisis, getting accurate and timely information can help you stay safe.

5 Steps to Updating Your Emergency Contact Information
  1. Update your contact information.

    MTE needs to have the correct contact information on file in case we need to contact you. If your primary phone number or email address has changed, update your information through the myMTE app or web portal, by calling 1-877-777-9020, or stopping by your local office. Even if you don't use myMTE, you should keep your information updated in the event we need to contact you.
  2. Sign up for emergency notifications in your county.

    Rutherford County - Alert Rutherford
    Williamson County - Williamson Ready
    Wilson County - Wilson County Alert Center
    Cannon County - Cannon County EMA
  3. Share emergency codes.

    Contact your local fire department and other first responders with any gate or access codes they would need in the event of an emergency.
  4. Know how to report an outage.

    If outages occur, members can feel confident knowing MTE is working to restore power as quickly as possible. To view known outages, visit our outage map at mte.com/ServiceConcerns. From this webpage, you can also find out how to report your outage via the myMTE app or by calling 877-777-9020.
  5. Sign up for outage updates.

    1. Download the myMTE app.
    2. Add your cell phone as a contact under Settings > Contact Methods.
    3. Go to Settings > Manage Notifications > Service and add your phone number for desired alert types, including outage notifications.

    You can also text the word “OUT” to 1-800-546-5492 to report an outage or “STATUS” to get updates about outages on your account.