Heat Pumps & Outside Weather

It’s cold outside! This means your heating and air conditioner works harder and uses more electricity to keep you warm and comfortable. Let us explain why your energy use rises when the temperature outside goes down. Your heating and air conditioner — called an HVAC system — uses forty to sixty percent of your monthly electricity. This means your electric bill can go up depending on how hot or cold the outside temperate was.

Common Cold Weather Energy Efficiency Myths

As we anticipate the drop in temperatures this weekend, MTE wants you to remember these energy efficiency myths.

Myth #1 - Weather does not affect my electric bill.

When temperatures dip, running the heat for long periods of time can result in a significantly higher bill. The larger the difference between the temperature of the air outside and the temperature of the air inside, the more energy has to be used to heat the air.

Member energy-saving tips as frigid weather approaches

Middle Tennessee Electric provides members energy-saving tips as frigid weather approaches

For Immediate Release – February 9, 2021

As colder temperatures settle in this weekend, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) offers some simple energy-efficiency tips to help members manage their energy costs.