As a democratically governed and member-owned electric cooperative, MTE encourages members to participate in the election process during the Annual Meeting. Each year, members gather to vote for their board of directors, nominating committee, and any proposed bylaw changes. More information about the Annual Meeting can be found here.

Below are some frequently asked questions related to the election and voting process. If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns about the election process, let us know at 877-777-9020 or send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Board candidates are either nominated by MTE's Nominating Committee or they may qualify by a petition, signed by 15 cooperative members as described in the Bylaws. Qualified candidates must be members of the cooperative and must reside in the appropriate representative sub-district of the main district. Members may pick up a nomination petition by going to their local office. For questions, please call MTE's Executive Office at 615-494-1597.

Additional nominations for open positions by interested members who qualify can be submitted in writing not less than 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The current deadlines are posted on

Co-op members can vote for Board of Director candidates in all districts. The co-op's service area is divided into four districts that are drawn along MTE's service area boundary and county lines. Each district is represented by directors (the number of directors is based upon, among other things, the number of members in each district). Directors serve staggered terms.

If there are matters to be voted upon, all of MTE’s offices will be open for voting during designated hours. Votes also may be cast the morning of the Annual Meeting during the hours of registration.

If there is not a contested election, voting will only be offered at the Annual Meeting during the registration hours of 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. 

If you can make neither the Annual Meeting nor early voting, you can vote by proxy.

Proxy voting is a method that allows a member who cannot vote in-person to designate another member to vote in his or her place.

You can receive a proxy form by contacting MTE by phone or going to any office. You should complete the proxy form and verify it at any local MTE office by noon the Friday before the Annual Meeting.

Through the proxy, members assign their vote to another cooperative member of their choice. However, no member can vote any more than one proxy vote. So, if Ms. Jones provides Mr. Gonzales her proxy, Mr. Gonzales can vote Ms. Jones's proxy and his own vote, but he would not be able to vote another member’s proxy.

No, the proxy is valid only for the meeting specified on the proxy form.

If your proxy has already been voted, our registration system will not permit you to be registered to vote. If your proxy has not already voted, you are allowed to vote.

Please bring the registration card mailed to you on the cover of the August edition of The Tennessee Magazine. If you don’t have your registration card or forgot it, you can provide a valid form of identification. For additional questions about registration information, please contact Member Services at 877-777-9020.

The Rutherford County Election Commission serves our cooperative as an independent agent, allowing MTE board and staff to take a hands-off approach to our election-voting processes. MTE also employs an independent auditor to tally all ballots cast and declare the results.

Our member service team is available at the registration desk during the Annual Meeting for questions.