Each year, a new Nominating Committee is elected at the Annual Meeting. The role of the committee is to present candidates to the members to fill director vacancies for election. 

Any member can be on the ballot for their district, provided they are not a director or have been employed by MTE within the last five years. Members can pick up a ballot at their local office. They are also able to submit signature petitions to nominate candidates for director from their district. You can read about the committee and nominating process in the Bylaws.

You must be elected by the members to be on the Nominating Committee since there can only be as many committee members as there are directors for your district. This is done at the Annual Meeting and in contested election years, through early voting at our offices during business hours. In order to be on the ballot, you need to submit a signed petition by five members in your district 60 days before the Annual Meeting.

Nominating Committee Members

District 1

Karen Paris

Donald Lampley

Juanita Patton

District 2

Thomas E. (Teb) Batey II

Jamey Faulkner

Danny Sapp

District 3

Jeanne Melton

District 4

Ken Howell

Zachary Butler

Quintin Smith