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MTE's Herbicide Program

Herbicide Frequently Asked Questions

MTE's tree and vegetation team do use herbicide as a tool to help maintain the rights-of-way (ROW). By using it on selective woody-stemmed plants, it encourages healthy vegetation growth in the ROW while proactively reducing outage opportunities. We've put together information for our members regarding how and what we use herbicides to provide affordable and reliable electricity.

Our Herbicide Program focuses on small trees growing within MTE’s ROW. If these areas become overgrown, the trees could eventually come into contact with our power lines and cause outages. We try to be proactive in keeping your lights on!

MTE contracts with professional, licensed, and certified applicators to treat woody-stemmed vegetation, i.e., saplings, within the ROW.  By targeting woody-stemmed vegetation, grasses and flowers don’t have to compete for water and sunlight and can more freely grow in the rights-of-way. This prevents the trees from becoming dangerously tall and provides easier, unobstructed access to our power lines.

No, our contractors apply a grass-friendly, non-glyphosate product (glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup) to treat the woody-stemmed vegetation; all of the products used are “restricted” and are registered and approved by the EPA and state agencies.  The products are applied using low volume, backpack-mounted equipment to aid in precise application.

There are no adverse effects to animals/livestock when the product is used according to label directions.  All applications are performed using best management practices (per the Tennessee Department of Agriculture) with aquatic-approved application practiced near bodies of water. In fact, as herbaceous plants (plants that have no persistent woody stem above ground) continue to thrive in the ROW, the food supply for insect populations and birds increases, as well for as bees, butterflies and other animals.

MTE does offer members the option of joining our No Spray list. On properties where there is not a recorded easement on file and the owners do not wish herbicide to be applied, the owners must submit in writing to the Vegetation Program Manager their “no spray” request. MTE will then add the owners’ name to the “no spray” list. The “no spray” information is supplied to MTE’s herbicide applicator contractors.

If you have any questions or would like to join the No Spray list, please contact our vegetation management team using the information below.

MTE is proud to be a Treeline USA accredited electric utility.

That means our team of highly trained and certified arborists work to prevent outages caused by trees and vegetation while also ensuring a better environment along our rights-of-way. If you have a question about the trees, plants, or the environment near our electric system, please reach out to our vegetation management team.


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