Ice & Snow Storms

Providing light, comfort, and warmth despite winter weather

MTE works around the clock to ensure your power is on so you can keep your home, business, and community warm during even the worst winter weather. While MTE maintains a 99.9% reliability rating across our territory every year, we can still sometimes experience outages and power interruptions caused by tornadoes, high winds, ice and snowstorms.

Our systems control center is monitoring our electrical grid 24/7 using an advanced metering infrastructure ¬and smart grid technology to identify and restore outages remotely whenever possible. They also dispatch operations and engineering teams to fix damages on-site when outages occur and need equipment or materials to repair them.

When you experience an outage, we probably know your meter isn’t working. However, we encourage you to report your outage still or report other power interruptions like flickering, blinking, or other issues with your electric service.