Making and keeping an individual or household budget can sometimes be a challenge, but MTE can help. Energy costs, especially during winter heating and summer air-conditioning seasons, can play havoc with monthly financial plans. This is why we offer account options to help reduce the impact of your electric bill during high-use periods. For members who need more flexibility, we now offer a program called Pick a Due Date.

Pick A Due Date Frequently Asked Questions

This option helps members budget because it allows them to tailor their energy bill payments to their lifestyle. Instead of creating their budgets around set electricity bill due dates, we can move their due date, so it works better for their budget.

The program is open to anyone who would like to change their due date to better fit their lifestyle. Folks on a fixed income or who get paid on a set day each month often find this to be a good fit for them.

Check out the myMTEMC app or Web portal. These tools give members direct control of their accounts, quick access to make payments, request payment extensions, and to monitor their daily use.

We also offer options like fixed and variable budget billing. Our Prepay program is another option we offer to members. Paying in advance gives them more control over their accounts. Knowing the impact of high use in real time and balancing this against the running balance of prepaid kilowatt-hours help many members conserve to avoid high bill shock. Prepay is also a useful tool for managing the routine household energy budget. Many MTE members have chosen this alternative to receiving a regular monthly bill.